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In A Blink Eyelash Extensions

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes

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Magnetic lashes are revolutionizing the way we apply false lashes. These innovative lashes use magnets to attach to your lash line, eliminating the need for messy and difficult-to-use lash glue. With a variety of different styles included in this 3-pack, you can experiment with different looks to find the perfect style for you.


Made from high-quality, premium silk fibers, these lashes are not only durable but also cruelty-free. This kit includes 3 different styles of lashes, tweezers for easy application, and a magnetic eyeliner to hold the lashes in place.


To use, simply shake the eyeliner before applying it to your lash line. Then, place the lashes on top of the eyeliner to make them appear more natural and invisible. You can adjust the position of the lashes as needed to achieve the perfect look.


So, why wait? Get your hands on the latest trend in eyelashes and experience the ease and convenience of magnetic lashes today.

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